CONDOM ringtone

As part of its work to fight the spread of HIV, the BBC World Service Trust has launched a novel ringtone in India designed to break down the social taboo of using condoms. The new advertising campaign, which features a 'condom a cappella' ringtone is also funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The strategy is to show social support for condoms, as this has a positive effect on use, and positions condoms as a product that men use to show they are responsible and care about themselves and their families. The creative idea of the ringtone winning approval from men and women of all ages reinforces that condoms mean good sense and those who know it are the real winners in life.

A advert showing the phone ringing out "condom, condom" at a wedding has been produced by the Trust. 

Creative director of the BBC World Service Trust, Radharani Mitra, states, ''Ringtones have become such personal statements that a specially created condom ringtone seemed just the right vehicle to define its user as a sensible person. We have always had a strong interactive, response-oriented element in this ongoing campaign. This downloadable ringtone provides yet another opportunity for our target audience to translate the message into an action point.

The very act of downloading and using this ringtone would have a counter effect on the inhibitions and taboos that can be associated with condoms. And it adds an element of fun and comfort to it.''

This original ringtone can be downloaded in India by SMSing ''CONDOM'' to 56887 (download charges apply) or free from anywhere worldwide on the website .if u have any problem in downloading from the above site as it is a flash site u can download the file from

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