Diabetes trivia

Some interesting, but lesser known facts about Diabetes.

Did you know that…
Insulin, was discovered by Dr. Frederick Banting and Dr. Charles Best in 1921 at the University of Toronto.
In 1924, a 14 year old boy Leonard Thompson was the first human with diabetes to receive insulin.
Eli Lilly was the first company to make insulin available commercially.
Almost 1 in 17 people worldwide are diabetic. More than 1800 cases of diabetes are diagnosed everyday.
India has the largest number of diabetics in the world; a total of 10 million.
Vitamin D reduces the risk of diabetes.
Research on insulin inhalers is going on which will make treatment of diabetes simple and pain-free.

Some famous personalities (both past and present) with diabetes:


Wasim Akram; Craig McMillan – Cricket
Arthur Ashe; Billy Jean King – Tennis


Elizabeth Taylor; Vanessa Williams


Syd Barrett; Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Tommy Lee (Motley Crew); Elvis Presley; Neil Young; B.B. King; Meatloaf


Mikhail Gorbachev; Winnie Mandela


Ernest Hemingway; Linda Goodman; Mario Puzo; H.G. Wells


Thomas Alva Edison