Gay's meeting in hyderabad

Today i came to my home town (warangal) from my college ... After coming here i saw a strange new in tv that is "gays meeting in hyderabad" may be its normal in other westren cultured countries ... But its strange and wondering in india ... Hyderabad is capital of andhrapradesh (a state in india) .. Here gayism is not encouraging nor accepted ... But gayism (attraction of a male towards a male) is natural thing so no one can stop it ... According to the news this gay meeting was held to aware the gays about aids n hiv as the "WORLD AIDS DAY " a head ... Most of the ppl belive hiv/aids is spreading mostly by sex and that to by gay sex more ... So this meeting is going to held in hyderabad with name "DARPAN" .... According to news this meeting was hosted by some famous ppl like politicians,film actors etc etc and they expecting 3 thousand gays will attend in this program .... According to me such an programs should be held ... Yes they are also humans like you n me ... They never wantedly went into gayism its natural thing because of hormoe defency even though there is no correct reason for it but they never wantedly doing this ... Im not encouraging nor telling it is bad .. But they should also have some proper education about sexually transmitted diseas ..... I appriate the organisers who hosting such an wonderfull program to aware the gay ppl about aids/hiv

world aids day is ahead

                                            ADIS ALL OVER WORLD

Today i would like to tlak something about aids and its awareness , as we all that aids is the most important problem in throught out the world more in indai .... what we ca do to stop this adis ? there is no solution for it ? There is a great saying . "prevention is better then cure " this suits excatly for aids .. the main aids tranmission are done by illegal sex {unsafe sex }, unsterilised needles for injections,from mother to kids these are the main cuases of aids ... in india as the sex workers dont encourage for condom use this aids became more in india ... the most wired thing for me is orphans  whos parents lost in this adis mishap .. The drug users who use same needles for injecting  drung also causes this .... yes  i know we all know about it .. even the persons who are getting efectd by aids also know all this but unfortunately they never used any safe methods .... mostly the lory drivers from india getting effected with this aids as they travell milles and milles and state to state they atay at diff  place and do sex with diff sexworkewers without using condoms ... 5 years backs there was a women lived beside my house  , her husand passed way when she having a small child.. after her husband passed way she have to give daily bread to her son so she became as sex worker as she dont know any other work ... im not critising her here because she doing every thing only for her kid ... but the mistake thing she did unsafe sex .... after some years she attacked with aids ...then she also deaded with aids when her kid is 4 years old ... if she went into prostution proffesion only because of her kid why she cant do safe sex only for kid ? now who will take care of her kid ? the persons who did sex with her after she got infection will probably efffect with it .... so who will take care of there kids ?

 Tje reason why she did unsafe sex is because she is aware of adis and sexually tranmissted deasies .... in india ppl feel shy or feel disgusting talking about sex related thigns .. thats the reason most of the ppl aware of such things ... so the government should do more programs to educate ppl about STD

Already they introduced lots of programms but most of them not reaching up tot he normal person ..... but why shoould always government do such things ?? why cant u and me to join in this ? yes thats the problem comming here every onr htinking why should i join .. im not effected .. we are humans we are not animals so thats the reason we should help others ... the pic above showing there are some educated ppl how educating other sex workers.

my ideas to prevent adis are as follows 

1.using condoms
2.educating sex workers education in colleges and school
4.stop usage of unsterilized needles in hospitals and other places
5.testing the blood before blood transmition
6.providing condoms every where like shops, bustands,railway stations etc etc ..

Weird Animals

Weird Animals

Blue whale babies weigh up to 7 tonnes at birth. 

A female cod can lay up to 9 million eggs. 

Snakes can see through their eyelids. 

Elephants spend 23 hours a day eating. 

Vultures sometimes eat so much they can't take off again. 

The Amazon 'Jesus Christ lizard' can run across water. 

The biggest Antartic inland animal is a wingless fly measuring about 60 mm long. 

Fleas can jump up to 30 cm, twenty times their own body length. 

Bluebottle flies can smell meat from distances 7 km away. 

Many birds migrate, but the Arctic tern travels furthest. It flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and back again, a trip of 32,000 kilometers. 

Some animals can regrow parts of their bodies if damaged. Starfish can grow new 'arms.' Slow-worms can regrow broken-off tails. Lizards can grow new tails. 

One golden poison-dart frog could kill up to 1500 people with its poison. 

The giant squid has the largest eyes of any animal. They can be 39 cm across, which is 16 times wider than a human eye. 

The peregrine falcon can spot its prey from more than 8 km away. 

The sleepiest mammals are armadillos, sloths and opossums. They spend 80 per cent of their lives sleeping or dozing. 

A mayfly only lives one day, but a tortoise can expect to live 100 years. 

Stegosaurus was one of the most famous of the dinosaurs and was an impressive 9 metres long. But its brain was the size of a walnut.

Dragons do exist!

Dragons do exist!

The Komodo dragon is the world's largest flesh-eating lizard and living reptile. This amazing creature is only found in the wild on four small Indonesian islands, where they are vulnerable to disease, volcanic activity, and competition with feral dogs and man. It lives on the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Padar, and Flores. 
The Komodo is an endangered species and there are only about 5,000 of them in existence around the world, including a small number kept and bred in zoos.

This giant lizard can grow to 3 meters (10 feet) long, and has an average weight of 70 kg (155 pounds). Komodo dragons are dangerous predators with sharp serrated teeth more like a shark's than a reptile's. Swift runners, they can swim and climb trees, and they can use their tail as a weapon and swing it like a club. They find most of their food by smell. Like shakes they 'taste' the air with their tongues, which are deeply forked and collect scent molecules from the air. They have an acute sense of smell and can detect the scent of decaying remains from up to 5km (3 miles).

While Komodos like to eat dead things, they also prey on wild pigs, water buffalo and deer. They have a huge capacity for food, often eating up to half of their body weight in one meal. They are also cannibalistic, sometimes eating their own kind. They eat almost all of a carcass, consuming flesh, skin and even bones. A large Komodo can swallow a whole wild pig; their jaws expand like a snake's.

Their bite is often lethal because the bacteria in their mouths is so poisonous that wounds often do not heal, and their victim, if it manages to escape, dies in a day or two.

Although often regarded as pests, Komodos are not a serious danger to humans. In order to protect the dragon, the Indonesian government has made the islands of Padar and Rinca into nature reserves for both the lizard and its prey. Commercial trade in specimens or skins is illegal under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

The Komodo dragon can live up to 40 years. Although often regarded as pests, Komodos are not a serious danger to humans. In order to protect the dragon, the Indonesian government has made the islands of Padar and Rinca into nature reserves for both the lizard and its prey. Commercial trade in specimens or skins is illegal under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Vampires that drink blood!

vampire bat

Vampire bats really do drink blood. They feed on the blood of birds, cattle, horses, and pigs ... and the occasional sleeping human. 

They need to consume a few tablespoons of blood every day. If the vampire bat doesn't eat for more than a few days it will starve. They can only be found in Central and South America. 

Irish writer of horror tales Bram Stoker was so fascinated by these bats that drink blood, that he incorporated them in his book 'Dracula.'